Publications of Qing Xiang

The following papers were accepted or submitted for publication.

  1. (with Koji Momihara) Strongly regular Cayley graphs from partitions of subdifference sets of the Singer difference sets, submitted, arXiv:1706.05460
  2. (with Rafael Plaza) Resilience of ranks of higher incidence matrices, submitted, arXiv:1612.08124v2
  3. (with Ling Long, Rafael Plaza and Peter Sin) Characterizations of intersection families of maximum size in $PSL(2,q)$, submitted, arXiv:1608.07304v1
  4. (with Ferdinand Ihringer and Peter Sin) New bounds for partial spreads of $H(2d-1, q^2)$ and partial ovoids of the Ree-Tits octagon, to appear in J. Combin. Theory (A), arXiv:1604.06172

The following papers were published.


  1. (with David Chandler and Peter Sin) The Smith group of the hypercube graph,Des. Codes Cryptogr. (special issue dedicated to Andries E. Brouwer), 84 (2017), 283--294.
  2. (with John Bamberg, Melissa Lee, and Koji Momihara) A new infinite family of hemisystems of the Hermitian surface, Combinatorica, doi:10.1007/s00493-016-3525-4


  1. (with Tao Feng and Koji Momihara) A family of m-ovoids of parabolic quadrics, J Combin. Theory (A) 140 (2016), 97-111, arXiv:1509.00550
  2. (with Tao Feng and Koji Momihara) Three-valued Gauss periods, circulant weighing matrices and association schemes, J Algebraic Combin. 43 (2016), 851--875.


  1. (with Tao Feng and Koji Momihara) Cameron-Liebler line classes with parameter $x=(q^2-1)/2$, J Combin. Theory (A) 133 (2015), 307--338.
  2. (with Tao Feng and Koji Momihara) Constructions of Strongly Regular Cayley Graphs and Skew Hadamard Difference Sets from Cyclotomic Classes, Combinatorica 35 (2015), 413-434.
  3. (with David Chandler and Peter Sin) The Smith and critical groups of Paley graphs, J. Algebraic Combin. 41 (2015), 1013--1022.


  1. (with Koji Momihara) Lifting constructions of strongly regular Cayley graphs , Finite Fields Appl. 26 (2014), 86--99.


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  2. (with Gennian Ge and Tao Yuan) Constructions of strongly regular Cayley graphs using index four Gauss sums , J. Algebraic Combin. 37 (2013), 313--329.
  3. (with Tao Feng, Bin Wen, and Jianxing Yin) Partial difference sets from quadratic forms and $p$-ary weakly regular bent functions , Number Theory and Related Area, proceedings of a conference in honor of the 70th birthday of Keqin Feng, pp.25--39.


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  5. (with Tao Feng and Fan Wu) Pseudocyclic and non-amorphic fusion schemes of the cyclotomic association schemes , Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 65 (2012), 247--257.


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  3. (with Ka Hin Leung) On the dimensions of the binary codes of a class of unitals , Disc. Math, 309 (2009), 570--575.
  4. Erratum


  1. (with Tao Feng) Semi-regular relative difference sets with large forbidden subgroups , J. Combin. Theory (A), 115 (2008), 1456--1473.
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