Louis F. Rossi

Professor and Chair
University of Delaware
SIAM Review, Section Editor

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Recent Items

  1. Swarm Interpolation Using an Approximate Chebyshev Distribution.
    Work with Joshua Kirby, Marco A. Montes de Oca, Steven Senger, and Chien-Chung Shen. We propose a new way of remotely sensing fields with autonomous wireless robots by finessing swarming rules to obtain an approximate Chebyshev distribution.
  2. The Role of Memory in Stabilizing Swarms.
    Work with Jen Miller, Hao Luan and Chien-Chung Shen. In wireless robotic applications, communication, not memory or CPU, is the limiting commodity. In this paper, we connect the stability of swarms to essential topics in numerical ODEs. We show that we can design stable swarming algorithms that require less frequent updating.
  3. Quantifying and Tracing Information Cascades in Swarms.
    Work with Rose Wang, Jen Miller, Joe Lizier and Mikhail Prokopenko in PLoS ONE measuring theoretical information transfer in swarms. We provide the first direct information-theoretic evidence for the long-held conjecture that the information cascades occur in waves rippling through the swarm.



I am interested in a solving a variety of problems that arise in fluid dynamics, computational methods, swarming and wireless networks. On the surface, it may look like these problems have nothing to do with one another, but mathematically, they are all connected. In the broad sense, the mathematical problems that interest me involve the deep connections between discrete and continuous mathematical structures. For instance, I like to solve partial differential equations that describe fluid motion using particle methods. The fluid motion is described by continuous equations. My numerical methods capture this behavior with discrete particles.


Fall 2014: Math 351: Engineering Mathematics I (Section 010).

Fall 2014: Math 512: Contemporary Applications of Mathematics (Sections 010 & 080).

Fall 2014 office hours: Mon 0745-0845, Tue 0900-1000, Wed 1400-1500 or by appointment. See live schedule below for more details.


Current Doctoral Students

Rui Fang: Modeling and analysis of ant-based wireless protocols.
Zhenyu He: Numerical analysis of particle methods.
Yu Sun: PDE modeling and analysis of swarms with leadership.

Recent PhD's

Jennifer Miller: PDE modeling and analysis of swarms. Dr. Miller is now a Visiting Assistant Professor at Trinity College.
Claudio Torres: High performance computing with particles. Numerical PDEs. He is a tenure track faculty member at the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Chile.