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Petr Plechac

309 Ewing Hall
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716

Telephone: 302-831-0637
Fax: 302-831-4511

email:  plechac at math dot udel dot edu

Research Projects for Prospective Graduate Students

(contact me by e-mail for more details)
  1. Topic I: algorithms and numerical analysis for stochastic particle dynamics.
    Development and analysis coarse-graining and sampling algorithms for extended particle systems with applications in reaction kinetics.

  2. Topic II: Parallel algorithms for simulations of stochastic processes.
    Development and analysis of parallel algorithms for kinetic Monte Carlo simulations.

  3. Topic III: fast algorithms for PDEs in high dimensions
    Development and analysis of pseudo-spectral methods based on multi-resolution analysis.

  4. Topic IV: numerical methods for processing large data set.
    Development and implementation of algorithms for fast extraction of information from large data sets.

Summer Internships
Dr Plechac has been organizing summer internships for graduate and undergraduate students in which the students have learned computational techniques for stochastic simulations and solution of partial differential equations.

The group of summer students from Chinese University Hong Kong on the campus of University of Delaware.

The group of summer students with their mentors in front of the supercomputer kraken housed by National Institute for Computational Sciences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Summer interns at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in front of the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences