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Petr Plechac

510 Ewing Hall
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716

Telephone: 302-831-0637
Fax: 302-831-4511

email:  plechac at math dot udel dot edu

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Recent preprints

18-4: Spin and charge pumping by current-driven magnetic domain wall motion: A self-consistent multiscale time-dependent-quantum/time-dependent-classical approach.
M. Petrovic, B. S. Popescu, P. Plechac, B. K. Nikolic
arXiv 1802.05682

18-3:> Global Sensitivity Analysis of Multiscale Properties of Porous Materials.
K. Um, X. Zhang, M.A. Katsoulakis, P. Plechac, D. Tartakovsky
J. Appl. Physics

18-2: Thermochemistry of Gas-phase and Surface Species via LASSO-assisted Subgraph Selection.
Geun Ho Gu, P. Plechac, D.G. Vlachos
Reaction Chemistry \& Engineering, 2018 · DOI

18-1: First-principles quantum transport modeling of spin-transfer and spin-orbit torques in magnetic multilayers.
B. K. Nikolic, K. Dolui, M. Petrovic, P. Plechac, T. Markussen, K. Stokbro
arXiv 1801.05793

17-4: Origin of nonlocal resistance in multiterminal graphene on hexagonal-boron-nitride: Fermi surface edge currents rather than Fermi sea topological valley currents.
M. Marmolejo-Tejada, J. H. Garc─▒a, M. Petrovic, P.-H. Chang, X.-L. Sheng, A. Cresti, P. Plechac, S. Roche, B. K. Nikolic
arXiv 1706.09361

17-3: A force-matching Stillinger-Weber potential for MoS2: Parameterization and Fisher information theory based sensitivity analysis.
M. Wen, S. N. Shirodkar, P. Plech\'a\v{c}, E. Kaxiras, R.S. Elliott, E. B. Tadmor
J. Applied Physics, 122(24), (2017), p. 244301, · DOI

17-2: Parallel replica dynamics method for bistable stochastic reaction networks: simulation and sensitivity analysis.
T. Wang, P. Plechac
arXiv 1705.06807
J. Chem. Phys. {\bf 147}, 23, (2017)

17-1: Spin-Diffusions and Diffusive Molecular Dynamics.
B.A. Farmer, M. Luskin, P. Plechac, G. Simpson
arXiv 1702.01469
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 25(8), (2017), p. 084003

16-3:> Parameterizing coarse grained models for molecular systems at equilibrium.
E. Kalligiannaki, A. Chazirakis, A. Tsourtis, M.A. Katsoulakis, P. Plechac, V. Harmandaris
European Physics Journal, 225, (2016), No. 8-9, pp. 1347--1372, · DOI

16-2 Multi-level Monte Carlo acceleration of computations on multi-layer materials with random defects.
P. Plechac, E. von Schwerin
arXiv 1611.09784

16-1: Stationary averaging for multi-scale continuous time Markov chains using parallel replica dynamics.
T. Wang, P. Plechac, D. Aristoff
arXiv 1609.06363
SIAM Multiscale Modeling \& Simulation , 16(1):1 - 27, 2018