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MATH 617 will be taught by Francisco-Javier Sayas

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We will use J David Logan's Applied Mathematics (3rd edition).


The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware
The University of Delaware itself

An introduction to Applied Mathematics

From the course description.... Introduction to ideas and techniques used in solving problems arising in a variety of physical settings. Stability of nonlinear systems of ODE's. Sturm-Liouville problems and Green's functions. The wave, heat and Laplace equations. Elementary analysis of some nonlinear PDE's. Elementary perturbation theory.

List of topics

We will cover some of the following topics, not necessarily in this order.

Eigenvalues and eigenmodes
Evolutionary PDEs
The Fourier transform
Stability for systems of ODEs

We will take much of this material from Logan's Applied Mathematics. There will be hand-outs or additional documents (posted in this site) for some of the lectures. For computing purposes I strongly recommend the usage of a symbolic package. You work online with WolframAlpha. A direct link to its integrator. Examples of how to input differential equations in WolframAlpha. I am very partial for the symbolic package of Matlab, mainly because of its clean syntax. I am not expecting students in this class to spend time with basic calculus problems.


The contents of this website will be updated as the course progresses. Look at the schedule page for updates on lectures, homework, quizzes and other kinds of evaluation methods. Look at the syllabus for attendance policy, evaluation methods and for a refresher on scholastic honesty requirements.