Thomas Brown

Tom came from under the ground
BA in Math, Lynchburg College, 2007.
Research on coupled models for elastic and viscoelastic models.
Expected Graduation: 2018

Allan Hungria

Allan the Bewildebeest
BS in Mathematics, Rutgers University, 2013
Research on HDG methods for elastic wave propagation
Expected Graduation: 2019

Shukai Du

BS in Mathematics, Wuhan University, 2012
MS in Mathematics, Wuhan University, 2015
Research in waves in viscoelastic media
Expected Graduation: 2020

Hasan Eruslu

BS in Mathematics, Bogazici University, 2012
MS in Mathematics, Bogazici University, 2015
Research in boundary integral equations
Expected Graduation: 2020

Francisco-Javier Sayas

This is the boss!