Learning MATLAB

Learning MATLAB is a concise, essentials-only introduction to MATLAB for those who have programming experience in other procedural languages. At about 100 pages, it's meant as a supplemental guide in a numerical analysis or scientific computing course or as a standalone tutorial for those who need to get started quickly in MATLAB. Learning MATLAB does not cover every feature or calling syntax, but focuses on those parts of MATLAB that have proven themselves indispensible to me in my 20 years as a MATLAB programmer. (Fun fact: I was a runaway winner of "MATLAB Jeopardy" at the 1995 MATLAB Conference.) The book grew out of a summer workshop that I taught to grad students for 8 years at Delaware.

The chapters in Learning MATLAB are: Introduction, Arrays and matrices, Scripts and functions, More on functions, Graphics, Advanced techniques, and Scientific computing. Each feature is demonstrated by examples, and every chapter includes exercises ranging from routine to very challenging.

Learning MATLAB is available for purchase at SIAM, which is the best deal for SIAM members (and students can usually join for free!). You can also purchase the book at Amazon in the US.

Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping

Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping is a monograph by myself and Nick Trefethen on the constructive and computational aspects of Schwarz-Christoffel conformal maps. These maps transform the interior or exterior of a region bounded by a polygon to the interior of a disk, half-plane, strip, rectangle, or more exotic canonical region. Unlike many other numerical conformal mapping methods, they are substantially faster to compute than the full solution of an elliptic partial differential equation on the same domain. Because the maps are conformal, they offer a powerful way to solve certain classical problems for the Laplacian operator.

The book includes 76 quantitatively precise figures illustrating theoretical and applied aspects of Schwarz-Christoffel maps. The appendix includes code snippets that produce some of these figures using my free Schwarz-Christoffel Toolbox for MATLAB. You can purchase the book from Cambridge University Press, or from Amazon in the US.

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