Bryan R. Crissinger

AP Statistics Practice Exam

Prior Years' AP Statistics Practice Exams

These exams were developed in collaboration with statistics faculty from several institutions.

2014 Multiple Choice                2014 Free Response
2015 Multiple Choice                2015 Free Response
2018 Multiple Choice                2018 Free Response

AP Statistics Teachers:  Please contact me if you would like the multiple choice answer keys or the free response scoring guidelines.
Department of Math Sciences
University of Delaware
Newark, DE  19716

phone    (302) 831-8142
fax          (302) 831-4456

Teaching MATH201   Introduction to Statistical Methods I

MATH202   Introduction to Statistical Methods II

MATH230   Finite Mathematics with Applications

MATH450   Mathematical Statistics

Research My thesis research was on the topic of finite mixture models, statistical models for data from populations believed to be comprised of two or more subpopulations mixed together but where we have no data on the group membership for individuals.  The group identifier can be treated as missing data, parameter estimation can be done using some interesting missing data techniques, and we can make inference about the parameters of the component populations as well as the mixing proportions using resampling methods.

My current interests are in assessing the efficacy of educational interventions using randomized trials. 

Education M.S. Statistics, 2001
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

B.A. Mathematics, 1997
Messiah College
Grantham, PA