David Colton's Home Page

 Department of Mathematical Sciences
 University of Delaware
 Newark, DE 19716

FAX:   +1-302-831-4511
Email  colton@math.udel.edu
URL:   http://www.math.udel.edu/~colton


My research is on inverse problems of acoustic and electromagnetic scattering.  For a more detailed account, see my books

David Colton and Rainer Kress
SIAM Classics in Applied Math (2013)

David Colton and Rainer Kress
3nd Edition, Springer-Verlag (2013)

Fioralba Cakoni, David Colton and Peter Monk
  CBMS-NSF SIAM Publications (2011)

Fioralba Cakoni and David Colton
Springer-Verlag (2014)

Journals on Inverse Problems


  • Most of the papers in my bibliography have appeared in print.