Hallenbeck Graduate Student Seminar

Fall 2013

General Information.

The Graduate Student Seminar series features introductory level talks for graduate students.  Talks are contributed by both graduate students and faculty and last between 15 and 20 minutes, and a significant portion of the talk should be aimed at students with a first-year graduate level of knowledge.  The intended audience is the graduate students, and questions and discussion are encouraged.  The series is named in honor of Professor Emeritus David Hallenbeck. Munchies are provided courtesy of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Davd Hallenbeck Memorial Fund.

Meetings: WEDNESDAYS at 12:10 - 1:10 in Ewing 336.

Organizers: Prof. Cook or Isaac Harris

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Fall 2013 schedule

Date Speaker Title
September 4 Jake Rezac Diffuse Optical Tomography
September 11 Paul Hearding The search for a Latin square of non-linear orthomorphisms of a group of prime order
September 18 Douglas Freeman Simulations of Linear Transient Waves with Integral Equations
September 25 James Alexander Independent sets of a fixed size in graphs with various degree restrictions
October 2 GradStud Panel Candidacy Exam Discussion Panel
October 9 Qunhui Han Exit time problem in clinical trial supply chains
October 16 Shawn Meng Linear Sampling Method for inverse scattering problem
October 23 Tonatiuh S-Vizuet The layman's account on Full Waveform Inversion
October 30 Brooks Emerick Investigating stability through host feeding in semi-discrete host-parasitoid models
November 6 Isaac Harris New Results for the ITEVP
November 13 Chris Ulicny An Aristolelian Analysis of Hamlet: Why Fortinbras makes Denmark his B*thc
November 20 Matt Hassel Convolution Quadrature & DeltaBEM for the Wave Equation
December 4 GradStud Panel Candidacy Exam Discussion Panel


Would you like to give a talk? To make arrangements, please contact the organizers, Prof. Cook or Isaac Harris

Seminar Archives