Math Tutorial Lab

Tutorial Lab is located in 106 Ewing Hall

The Tutorial Laboratory provides tutorial support for many introductory math courses at the University of Delaware. This includes tutorial assistance in Math 010, Math 114, Math115, Math 117, Math 221 and Math 241. The lab is staffed by qualified undergraduate students and math graduate students.. Resources include previously administered exams, answer textbooks and a variety of math textbooks focusing on algebra and precalculus. In addition, the site contains one multi-media computer system connected to the internet. This computers can be used to access the departmental on-line resources, programs used in the student's courses and the World Wide Web. There is a laser printer available for student use.


The Math Tutorial Site will not be open for Summer 2014

Students are encouraged to visit the web sites of ISE Lab LCC and the Office of Academic Enrichment for information on their tutorial services.


Office of Academic Enrichment: