Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing


  • Constantin Bacuta, Associate Professor
     Multilevel finite element theory with applications in incompressible flows and electromagnetism

  • Richard Braun, Professor
     Nonlinear BVPs and free boundary problems in fluid mechanics and materials science

  • Tobin Driscoll, Professor
     High-order and spectral methods for differential equations; radial basis functions; numerical conformal mapping

  • Philippe Guyenne, Associate Professor
     Boundary Integral Methods, Spectral Methods, Applications to water waves and fluid mechanics

  • George C. Hsiao, Carl Rees Professor of Mathematics
     Boundary Integral Equations, Finite Element Methods, Applications in elasticity

  • Peter Monk, UNIDEL Professor
     Multiresolution analysis, Multiscale methods, Monte Carlo methods, Parallel computing

  • Yvonne Ou, Assistant Professor
     Boundary Element Methods, Multi-wavelet Method

  • Petr Plechac, Professor
     Viscoelastic fluids, Reacting flows, Flow stability

  • Louis Rossi, Professor
     Lagrangian methods and fluid dynamics

  • Franciso-Javier Sayas, Professor
     Boundary Element Methods, Finite Element Methods, Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Scattering problems

  • Shangyou Zhang, Associate Professor
     Boundary Element Methods, Finite Element Method, Multigrid


Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation is one of the largest and most active groups within the Department, with most of the major research areas represented. Our group is interested in a wide range of topics, from the study of fundamental, theoretical issues in numerical methods; to algorithm development; to the numerical solution of large-scale problems in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, electromagnetism and materials science.


Graduate Studies

Students wishing to study numerical analysis or scientific computing usually enroll in the Applied Mathematics graduate program (see the Graduate Program web pages for more details). There are a number of courses specifically intended for students interested in this area as well as topics courses. For example:

Students in Applied Mathematics are also encouraged to take courses outside the department. Courses in engineering and computer science can build on the foundations offered above. Other courses in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of interest to students of Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing include: