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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to take this placement program/exam?

    There are only a few exceptions. Students with AP calculus scores of 5 are excluded. Students with math course transfer credit for Math 241 or Math 242 do not have to take the exam. All other students must work through this placement program.

  • What is the ALEKS program?

    This is a web-based program that will administer your placement exam(s) online and also monitor your progress through the review program called the Prep and Learning Module.

  • What is the Math Placement Program?

    The math placement program consists of several important steps. First you determine your placement goal. Then take the first placement exam. If your results indicate you have reached your placement goal, you have completed the placement program. If not, you have an opportunity to review your math skills through the Prep and Learning module administered through the ALEKS program. When you have completed the review process (minimum of three hours), you can then access the second attempt 48 hours after you completed the first placement test. This entire process must be completed by the deadline determined by the New Student Orientation, your college or the ALEKS program. For general purposes, the deadline is June 1.

  • When does this have to completed (i.e. what is the deadline)?

    June 1st : All students should complete BOTH attempts and have a final placement level completed prior to June 1. Some colleges prefer students complete the process earlier (your college may contact you with an earlier deadline). It may take you several days or even a week to complete this process. Your summer schedule may be complicated so plan accordingly. Finally, keep in mind your online access also has a deadline. Once you begin the review program (Prep and Learning Module) of the ALEKS program, you will only have access for six weeks.

  • What is my placement goal?

    Your placement goal is determined by your major. There is a minimum placement percentage and placement level and a desired placement percentage and level. You should strive for the desired placement percentage and level since this will allow more options for enrolling in math courses. In addition, the desired placement percentage and level may mean you do not have to take courses that prepare you for other math courses. Click here to determine your placement goal.

  • Why do I have to do this program, can't I just take my math course without it?

    High school course curriculums are not standardized making it difficult to determine what math skills have been learned. Additionally, many students (unfortunately) do not take an algebra-based math course in their senior year in high school. Therefore, the Math Placement Program provides you and your adviser with information about your current math skills.

  • How much does this cost?

    This placement process will be paid through your NSO fees. There are no extra fees for the Prep and Learning Module and for the second attempt on your placement.

  • How can I make sure that the results are accurate?

    First, work by yourself and answer the questions carefully. Do not use a calculator or any other resources (such as textbooks or friends). Not following the instructions could result in inaccurate placement and enrolling in a course for which you do not have the appropriate math skills. You may end up spending thousands of dollars working through additional courses and taking courses during summer and winter sessions. Finally, make sure to use the two attempts you are allowed. Prepare for the second attempt carefully by working through the on-line materials. Take time to prepare and carefully complete the second attempt.

  • What math courses are associated with the placement levels?

    See table at the bottom of the page.

  • What math courses are associated with placement percentage scores?

    See table at the bottom of the page.

  • Should take two attempts even if I meet my placement goal?

    YES. It is highly recommended that you use both attempts and spend some reviewing your math skills. Do the best you can so your placement results accurately reflect your knowledge. Keep in mind that if you change your major (many students do), you may need to take a different math course and will be glad that you spent the time trying your best. Make sure to complete both attempts prior to the due date: JUNE 1ST

  • Should I review even if I have met my placement goal?

    YES. It is helpful to review your math skills prior to beginning your college math course.

  • What if I do not place into the course I wanted?

    If, after the two attempts, you do not attain your placement goal, you should make a point to discuss this with your adviser during NSO.

  • I did not place into the class I wanted. Can I take it anyway?

    No, you must achieve the minimum placement level to take each corresponding course.

  • Why am I placing into a course that I already took in high school?

    Unforunately, math courses are not standardized so a course taken in high school may not cover the same topics or have the same level of expectation as a course with a similar title in college.

  • What if I placed into the class I wanted and attained my Math Placement goal?

    Congratulations! Continue to use your Prep and Learning Module to improve your mathematics skills and understandings. Take advantage of the targeted review and learning features in ALEKS so you are better prepared for your math course.

  • How valid is this test?

    The ALEKS program has been used extensively with placement on college campuses. Their research indicates students perform best when they have been placed correctly.

  • Where can I get help with ALEKS?

  • Can I practice using ALEKS before I begin placement?

    ALEKS will begin with a brief tutorial before your placement begins.

  • How long do I have access to my Prep and Learning Module?

    You will have six weeks of access from the time that you start using your Prep and Learning module.

  • Is there an additional fee for my Prep and Learning Module?

    Access to a Prep and Learning Module is included along with placement assessments.

  • What are ALEKS Progress Assessments?

    While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete progress assessments to solidify your gains in knowledge.

  • Does progress in an ALEKS Prep and Learning Module count toward placement?

    No, you must complete a new placement assessment to change your placement result. Click on the placement tab on the upper right of the page from within ALEKS. Only your placement assessment results will be used for course placement.

  • How do I begin using ALEKS?

    Click here to go begin the placement process

What math courses are associated with the placement levels?

Math Courses and math placement levels requirements:  
Placement Levels Required for Enrollment
Math 010
Intermediate Algebra (Remedial, Non Credit)
G, M, P, S, B, C
Math 113
Contemporary Mathematics
G, M, P, S, B, C
Math 114
College Mathematics and Statistics
M, P, S, B, C
Math 115
P, S, B, C
Math 117
Precalculus for Scientists and Engineers
S, B, C
Math 221
Calculus I
B, C
Math 241
Analytic Geometry and Calculus A

What math courses are associated with the placement percentage scores?

Placement Levels and Associated Math courses:    
Percentage on ALEKS Assessment
Placement Level
Math Course
Less than 45%
Math 010, Math 113
45% - 59%
Math 114
60% - 64%
Math 115
65% - 69%
Math 117
70% - 74%
Math 221
75% or above
Math 241