Instructors Rossi and Schwarzkopf awarded instructional improvement grant

Instructors Tammy Rossi and Patricia Schwarzkopf of the Department of Mathematical Sciences have been awarded an Instructional Improvement Grant. The competitive award from the Center for Teaching and Learning is to support the development and implementation of the project "Flipping the Intro Math Classroom" for two courses: Math 010 Intermediate Algebra and Math 117 Pre-Calculus for Scientists and Engineers. Generally, flipping the classroom inverts the traditional teaching model. Students prepare for class by watching videos and/or reading course material and answering a few preliminary questions. With instructor guidance, class time is used to further investigate topics through the use of group activities. The potential impact from the program is significant: in the Spring 2013 semester alone, the combined enrollments for these classes is more than 180 students. The results may be of use in other introductory math courses as well.


Article created: February 12, 2013