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Welcome to the MEC Lab, the University of Delaware's applied mathematics laboratory. "MEC" is an acronym for modeling, experiment, and computation, the three foci of the laboratory. The MEC Lab is housed in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and is located in Ewing 101c. The lab is available for use by undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and postdocs in the mathematical sciences. Check out the links above or quick link to one of our current projects by clicking on a photo below. Please feel free to stop by and visit! (TEMP Links for Dan, link1, link2 )


Special thanks to all those who have provided funding and support for the MEC LAB, especially:

  • The Department of Mathematical Sciences for providing space for the laboratory.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences for providing preliminary funding for equipment.
  • The Center for Teaching Effectiveness for providing funding for equipment associated with the redesign of Math 512.
  • The Unidel foundation for funding all rennovations of the laboratory.
  • The UDRF for funding student researchers and equipment.
  • The Undergraduate Research office for funding student researchers.
  • The National Science Foundation for providing funding for equipment.
Local high school teachers explore fluid flow in the lab.



Mike Cesky and Sharon Huertas study Lenz's Law


Experiments with mesoscale self assembly.
Experiments with electrostatic-elastic systems.
Even grad students can use a multimeter!