Certificate in Computational Science and Engineering


The Certificate in Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE) is a an exciting opportunity to develop your computational skills as part of a degree program or part time if you already have a career going. The program is interdisciplinary: Two colleges (Arts and Science, and Engineering) and seven departments are cooperating to bring this program into existence:

  • Computer and Information Sciences,
  • Mathematical Sciences,
  • Physics and Astronomy,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering,
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, and
  • Mechanical Engineering.

Students earn the Certificate by taking 15 credits from three different departments, more details can be found in Program Details.

Featured Research

Tear Film Flow
To understand the human tear film (and "Dry Eye Syndrome") we are developing models of the human tear film during the blink cycle

This project uses Internet-connected computers to perform scientific calculations that aid in the creation of new and improved medicines

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